Our Story

Kelley Lentini & Berkeley Minkorst

It's serendipitous that two native North Carolinians, both with a desire to travel to every corner of the world, would meet and form both a business and a friendship after many years of crossing paths and traveling to the same places. Both Berkeley and Kelley had always had an entrepreneurial calling so they figured why not do it together? Their ideas spiraled to textiles and art, and from their love of travel and their passion for unique finds. Those all pointed to another (obvious) passion and talent of theirs: interior design. From the moment their design studio opened in 2017, the duo quickly became the go-to source for clients looking for eclectic, modern style—not to mention, their travel-oriented design method.

Berkeley & Kelley on two sourcing trips—in Morocco & Mexico

Founders, Kelley and Berkeley, have traveled for their sourcing to Thailand, Mexico, Bali, and Africa. With each trip together, they started to cart back with them textiles, baskets, pillows, throws, rugs and other finds unique to the various cultures and villages they visited. It quickly became their mission to help continue the craft and learn as much as they could about the items that they were so drawn to.

With that mission in mind, in 2019, they expanded their love of bringing their travel finds into people's homes with the opening of the flagship House of Nomad shop in Charlotte, NC. In October 2020, they expanded with a new storefront in Charleston, SC.